Monday, October 1, 2012

Master Bedroom

One thing I've learned since buying a home is that you are never, ever done.  Once you finish one project, you find another one to do.

You may remember that back in February, my wonderful parents flew out for a long weekend to help us paint the all the ceilings, walls, and floorboards, as well as install all new lighting downstairs.  It was an incredible help, and made a huge difference.  But that couldn't possibly be the end of it.  Next came a new rug, a custom piece of art from an awesome Etsy artist, new carpeting for upstairs, and a giant tree vinyl decal that reduced me to a weeping pile of tears.

Yet with all those changes, our bedroom was pretty neglected.  Our inspiration was drained by all the other changes throughout the house, so our bedroom remained plain with light grey walls, light grey carpet, and hideous brown window treatments that covered the beautiful arched windows.

contrary to how this picture looks, we did have bedding...

I know, pretty terrible.

But the past week, all that changed.

Thanks to a few days off from work, I tore down the horrible brown window treatments to make my own plum-colored curtains, and played with stripes on our bedroom wall.

Almost done, but one more finishing touch:

Crown moulding!

We ordered crown moulding and decided that we would first test it in our bedroom, and the outcome is incredible.  It was the perfect finishing touch to our master bedroom makeover!

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  1. I love the stripes! They really create a dynamic accent wall. The moulding is the perfect finishing touch!