Sunday, March 4, 2012

Condo Makeover

Well, apparently I took the entire month of February off from blogging. Life has just gotten in the way, but I do have something to show for it!

Chris and I bought our condo!

The condo that we've lived in for the past year or so was available to purchase, so we took the leap and became homeowners. But with that, came the immediate desire to change absolutely everything about it.

We were so thankful then that my wonderful parents offered to fly out and help us for a long weekend!

The condo used to be very dark, with dark walls and mediocre lighting. Oh, and we can't possibly ignore the bamboo blinds.

001 Kitchen Before rs

We tackled the whole thing, ceiling to floorboards, with a brighter coat of paint. We then also installed all new lighting and blinds, and the result is incredible! It's like a whole new home!

002 Kitchen After 1rs

003 Kitchen After 2rs

004 Kitchen After 3rs


  1. I'm always in awe by people who tackle home facelift projects on their own. Pretty impressive and looks great!

  2. Your room definitely looks brighter! Love the lighting fixtures and that blue color on the walls. I've seen a few people do blue accent walls and I may be itching to do it as well.

  3. the room look so beautiful and fantastic....very impressive.

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  4. I love those hanging lights in your kitchen, it does make the room look more elegant.

  5. Your kitchen is definitely more brighter and livelier because of the lighting.

  6. Your kitchen looks wonderful especially with that type of lighting to set the mood.

  7. I'm sure you get to enjoy living in it! It is beautiful. Love the kitchen and everything else. :)