Monday, August 22, 2011

August Garden Update

We've had so many storms lately, I feel like I end up checking the weather forecast every day just to see if I need to water my plants! Luckily they've survived multiple torrential storms and even two hail storms, and the veggies are absolutely beautiful.

Let's start with the red bell pepper plant:


From this top-down view, you can see these pretty bright red peppers peeking out between the leaves! There are also still a few green peppers that haven't turned yet, but boy are these red peppers gorgeous.


The basil is still flourishing, and I'm starting to need new basil recipes!


Finally, the tomatoes are popping out everywhere.


A few are starting to turn red, but most are still growing.


I'm happy that the tomato plant is still flowering though, because it should mean that I'll have a steady stream of tomatoes for a while!

Now you may have noticed that I'm missing some pictures of a plant here - the cilantro plant. That's because it's very, very dead. After bolting and flowering, and creating the coriander seeds, the plant decided it had fulfilled its potential and kicked the bucket. That's ok, it wasn't producing cilantro anymore anyway!

I'm definitely loving my little Chicago garden, and already plotting out next year's crop!


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