Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Handmade Anniversary Gift

When Chris and I do something little that's special for the other person, we call it SHMILY.

See how much I love you.

It could be anything from a bag of puffy cheetos when I've had a bad day, to a a new sleeve of golf balls to get him excited about summer.

The key is that it's all just because, and it all has a little sticky note on it that says SHMILY.

In fact, Chris' ring has SHMILY engraved on the inside.

So this year, for our anniversary, I had a fantastic idea! The fabulously talented and oh-so-entertaining Leonora of Yellow Heart Art makes some truly awesome graphic art. And, even better, she's a sponsor of mine this month (woo!). So of course I shot her an email to see if she could make me a custom graphic art highlighting our little tradition.

And the outcome pretty much rocks.

But you can see for yourself.


It's hanging on my slowly growing wall of handmade art in our bedroom. I just love it!



  1. It turned out great! How sweet :)

  2. cute saying :) i love that! you could make a journal with that graphic husband and I don't buy greeting cards anymore...we just write a note back and forth to each other in a journal. all of our love notes in one bound book :)