Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mother-Daughter Photo Shoot

This year for Mother's Day, I wanted to do something a little special for my mom, something she could enjoy for years to come.

You see, back when I was in the fourth grade, I wanted to do glamor shots at the mall more than anything in the world. And because she's an awesome mom, that year for my birthday she took me and the two of us got our glamor shots on.

Let me tell you, those are some awful pictures.

But regardless, it meant the world to me, and I even have one on my nightstand after all these years! Not because we look awesome (which we do not) but because I remember how excited I was that day, and how much it meant to me.

This year, I decided it was time for a little picture update, from a real photographer. Luckily for me, I knew a great photographer!

This is Jax, and I know her through her awesome blog, Aly&Ash. But of course, she also has her own photography business, Jacquilyn Avery Photography. So when I knew I was flying home to AZ for Creative Estates, I immediately contacted her to see if she could be available for a mother-daughter photo shoot!

Working with Jax was amazing. Since I was working all the details out long distance, she sent me multiple examples of different locations where we could do the photo shoot, so we could get just the right feel. Then the day of, we met bright and early at the Mesa Arts Center. What a fun place to take pictures!

We walked all around the whole campus, finding fun and unique places to take pictures. We got some great shots in during the photo shoot, and had a great time!

This past weekend, she finished editing the photos and they were up on her website.


They are spectacular! I'll let you see for yourself, but I can't express how much I love them! And of course, they made my mom cry, so that means it was the perfect Mother's Day gift!

If you're looking for a great photographer in the Phoenix area, definitely check her out -- I highly recommend her!


  1. The photos are stunning...what a beautiful gift.

  2. loooove these photos - gorgeous!! you both look amazing :)

  3. What a special gift and time spent with your mom! I will definitely have to do this someday for my mama. And, oh my goodness, your shoes are AMAZING.

  4. What wonderful photos. The last set are so fun.
    And I am SO glad I never got my glamor shots, it's best for all of us.

  5. These are so pretty! Looks like you had so much fun!

    And you should post your glamour shots just for giggles : )

  6. Agreed! lol scan in one of those old glamour shots

  7. Love the photos! What a super thoughtful Mother's Day gift!!

    And please let us know the brand & style of your shoes - they are TOO cute!!!! I want :)

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