Thursday, April 14, 2011

Creative Estates :: Lasting Friendships

I still fully intend to do a full Creative Estates follow-up post, hopefully tomorrow. But as you can probably understand, taking two days off of work last week to go to CE = me coming back to madness at work! I really can't believe it's Thursday already. Where did this week go?

One reason I'm excited it's Thursday is that tonight I have a Skype date with some amazing women I met at Creative Estates. Throughout the conference, these women were the highlight of my weekend. From going out to dinner to staying up late laughing until the wee hours of the morning, I can't imagine my time at CE would have been as memorable as it was without these ladies. I truly believe that God put us all there together so that we could become a part of each others' lives!

Creative Estates 20
Photo courtesy of Sandy a la Mode

And the best part about meeting them in this day and age is that through the magic of Skype, we can all hang out together again without actually being in the same room. Tonight we are all meeting up online and are going to chat and laugh just like we did last weekend! I've already warned my husband that it's probably going to be loud, and it's probably going to be long.

I think you should get to know these women too; check them out! All are bloggers as well as handmade shop owners, and they make some of the cutest items. Check them out below!

{ Jacqui of Craftee McGee }

{ Amy of Amy Cornwell Designs }

{ Nicole of Olive Blue }

{ Alison of aPearantly Sew }

{ Megan of Flawed Perfection Jewelry }

{ Elizabeth of Sew Chatty }

{ Kristen of Rock-A-Bow }


  1. Sounds as fun as summer camp!! Wish I could have been there to see all my bloggy friends in real life :) I'm off to check out some new-to-me bloggers from your list!

  2. Can't wait for tonight!! WOO HOO!

  3. I would just like to point out that when I discussed reading blogs (by women I did not know) in 2008, you LAUGHED at how weird it was!

    My how times have changed. :-*

  4. You're so sweet! Can't wait until tonight!!! Yes, I have a feeling we will be loud ;)

  5. How fun!!! I hope y'all have a good time :)

  6. Oh your poor, sweet husband. The things you put him through. Hope your little Skype session was lovely :)

  7. What fun that you can all Skype now and keep in touch. It was so nice to meet Jacqui and Alison while you were home!!! I'm sorry I missed meeting everyone else. Friendships like this are priceless!
    Love you...
    Mama Meyer :o)

  8. what a fun event! i look forward to hearing more about it. i would love to attend something like that : )

    cute blog - i'm your newest follower.