Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wine Label Collage, Take Two

For my father-in-law's birthday this year, I decided to make him a wine label collage. Being a huge wino, he has always commented on our wine label collage and said how much he would love one.

But of course, in true wine label collage fashion, the gift comes WAY after the date.

I sent a card to my father-in-law asking him to start saving his own wine labels that would mean a lot to him, so over the past six months, he and my mother-in-law have been saving, saving, saving. Go here for easy wine label removal directions!

Then, for Thanksgiving, they came with plenty of wine labels in tow!

Since it had been so long, I worked quickly to get it done before flying home to visit so we could give it to him then.

I started by laying out all my wine labels to get an idea of placement.

edit Wine Label Collage (6)

Then, using the good ol' Mod Podge, I glued each label down, and pressed very carefully to get all edges and corners down perfectly.

edit Wine Label Collage (11)

Since this was a gift, and I really wanted it to be perfect, I took a detour from the usual next step of topcoat with Mod Podge to first press the collage to flatten any potential bubbles.

edit Wine Label Collage (12)

I then did three coats of Mod Podge on top to seal, pressing with books between each coat for a full day to ensure it was as flat and smooth as possible. I used wax paper to lay the collage face down on to make sure it wouldn't stick but would have a nice clean surface to press on.

edit Wine Label Collage (45)

Unlike the one we did for our home, I did this collage in a regular stretched canvas (not a gallery wrap) and just adhered the labels to the edge instead of wrapping around the sides because my father-in-law wants to frame it.

Then, we wrapped it up for it's plane flight!

edit Wine Label Collage (61)

And yes, this was my carry on. There was no way I was going to dare to stick it in luggage!

edit Wine Label Collage (29)

Looks great in its new home! And I can't wait to see it framed!


  1. pretty neat! I may have to try to make one of these for my Stepdad, he's a wino too! :P

  2. Love it! I've tried to remove the labels but they're never fully intact. How do you get the wine labels off of the bottle without ripping them?

  3. This is one of my projects to accomplish this year. Every single time I get ready to recycle our bottles I think, "I need to do that collage!"

  4. I love this! I'm doing it... next wine bottle label is coming home with me.

  5. This is so great! I have a friend that loves wine, I should make one of these for her. :)
    I am just now approaching my anniversary and feel silly for not saving my wine labels!
    Thank you for the inspiration! I think I am going to use your idea to make an anniversary gift for my hubby!

  6. Love, love, love this! I've been saving labels ever since I saw your first collage; now I'm more determined to make my own.

  7. This is awesome! You know I love it. :D

  8. I love this idea! I've been saving my wine labels since I first saw this! I hope you'll come link it up at the craft catwalk!

  9. Awesome and thanks for the info on how to get those labels off! I can see a batch of wine bottles slowly cooking tomorrow!

  10. Love it, I'm so doing that! I found you @ Crazy Domestics Link Party! Maybe you'll like my wine cork charms. I made them for ornaments, but they are great as rear view mirror accessories. They're also fun to hang as sun catchers in windows. Check them out here: http://liliannagrace.blogspot.com/2010/11/wine-cork-ornaments.html
    I'm super excited to peruse your blog :)

  11. What a fabulous idea! It looks fantastic! Thanks so much for linking up! :)

  12. Awesome collage! I love the black in the middle.

    I have some wedding and anniversary wine labels that I think I want to bake off the bottle. I keep going back and forth between wanting to take the labels off and wanting to turn the bottles into the decoration with white lights inside... Maybe you can help me decide when you can see them in person in February. And if you recommend baking off, then maybe you can help me, because I am terrified that I'll do it wrong! :-/

  13. This is very cool. Who would have thought to make something like that? It's wonderful.

  14. Great idea! My husband has already started peeling labels!

  15. I love it and I'm featuring it today! Thanks for linking it up at the craft catwalk!

  16. I love this idea! I really want to do this now... hopefully I can make the sacrifice and drink the wine... just for the sake of fabulous home decor, of course! :o)

  17. What a cool idea! I've never seen this before...but I love it! Makes me want to collect wine bottles from everyone I know and get all the labels to make my own! :)

  18. Love this!! We are doing a winery theme in our kitchen/dining area and this would look great! Thanks for all of the tips!

  19. Love this project...as the Talbott winery, which we visited this spring and bought many bottles.
    They also gave me wine labels when I told them what I was doing !!

  20. I love this idea! I've collected about 30 labels so far, but am wondering what size this canvas is? I