Monday, January 24, 2011

A Late Winter Yarn Wreath

I love the yarn wreath I made last summer, but have been itching to make a new one. So last weekend, I popped into Joann's to find some new wreath inspiration!

Ok, I didn't *pop* into Joann's. I walked a mile in the frigid cold and snow to get there. Gotta love living in downtown Chicago without a car!

Immediately I was drawn to the floral section, and found these AWESOME green and white pearl/berry branches. Apparently they were from Christmas, though they hardly looked it, but I wasn't arguing because that meant they were 90% off!! Yes, the $2 branches were going to ring up for 20 cents. Score!

Once I had my pearl/berry branches in hand, it was easy to then find some great yarn to match and the styrofoam wreath form. I could hardly wait to get home!


Unlike the last yarn wreath I made, where I perfectly wrapped the yarn in nice neat rows, I wanted this one to look more unkempt and natural. I specifically went back and forth at different angles with the yarn to create a layered, perfectly imperfect look.

Wreath 3

I'll be honest, it took a long time to wrap it this way, especially because I used all of the yarn so it would be a fuller wreath. But it was easy to do one night sitting in front of the TV!

The next morning, I got up to finish this lovely. Using the two pearl/berry branches, I wrapped the wire ends around the wreath, and used just a spot of hot glue to keep the tops affixed to the upper side of the wreath.

I just love it! It's the perfect late-winter look for my door!

Wreath 4

Wreath 5

Wreath 6

Wreath 7



  1. I ADORE this! I've been wanting to make one for Valentine's Day. I made one out of those berry stems for Christmas, but have seen so many cute yarn wreaths lately that I really want to make one! Gotta love 90% off!!!

  2. This is gorgeous! Beautiful work...I just love the colors and how whimsical it looks!

  3. This is now my favorite project of yours, especially given the entry you already wrote about it that cracked me up!

  4. That is just beautiful! You definitely have the gift!!!

  5. Very pretty! Perfect for winter!
    Thanks for linking up!

  6. This is so fun! I love the mix of yarn and winterberries!

  7. Just coming back to tell you that I started my wreath yesterday!

  8. beautiful! found you via creations by kara - love your modge podge wine label craft too! :)

  9. I sooooo LOVE the colors that you used here. I’m having a GIVEAWAY…would love to have you come by and enter to win a gift card and some goodies!


  10. I can't wait to try and make a yarn wreath! This is just lovely!

  11. I love the wreath...great way to use up some yarn, too! I think it'd be pretty lying flat with a candle-scape in the middle! Great idea!


  12. That is so pretty. I love the mix of colors and the "unkempt" appearance. I'll definitely be trying this. I also have some of that eyelash yarn that I'd like to use with the regular yarn...might look interesting.

    Thanks for sharing,