Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday Morning Mod Podging

One of my favorite times of the week is Saturday morning. I usually get up an hour or two before Chris, so I come downstairs, put on a pot of coffee, and have some quiet time to myself. Sometimes it involves a blanket and a snuggly kitty on the couch, and sometimes, like this past Saturday, it involves Mod Podge.

I have been collecting frames to do a frame collage up the wall of my stairwell, and have slowly been painting them the same color. However, there was one frame I found at Salvation Army that had a nice matting and was in relatively good shape, so I had a hard time ditching everything but the frame for the collage. I just knew I needed to give the whole thing a second life!

This is how it started:

blog Gold Copper Leaf Frame (1)

A pretty dull, lifeless hydrangea, in a cream frame that clashed with the slightly brighter cream mat. But oh, the potential!

I decided to cover the sad little hydrangea with a burnt orange paper, and then stamped and embossed (see embossing tutorial here) little gold fall leaves all over it. Then, I whipped out the Mod Podge and some gold and copper leaf fleck that I had left over from my Fall Salad Plates. Using the Mod Podge as both the glue and the sealant, I flecked the frame so that it was speckled with gold and copper.

Then, after letting it dry and reassembling, I had new fall art to hang!

blog Gold Copper Leaf Frame (2)

It looks just great hung in my kitchen/dining area, and it was a fun and easy project to do on my peaceful Saturday morning!

blog Gold Copper Leaf Frame (55)


  1. Pretty! Looks like a productive morning! And I love that the cat hangs out with you while you work. Kitty does that too : )

  2. I love the colors in this frame. It's so warm and rustic looking. I found you via My Backyard Eden.

  3. Hi. I am a new follwer. I must say the transformation is amazing. I love the colors.

  4. That is just beautiful! It looks great on your red wall. Clever!

    Adin B

  5. This is super pretty!! Love it. The simplest of crafts are the coolest I think.

  6. Very pretty! Love how the frame turned out!

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  7. Holy cow - I LOVE that! The colors are gorgeous, and the leaves look fantastic! Really impressive :)

  8. Love it! Great recycle idea! I'm loving all your mod podge project and getting some great inspiration! Thanks!