Friday, September 10, 2010

Decorating Help Needed!


I need your help!

Yes, YOU!

As you know, I recently moved into a new place, and thank goodness it has some more space. But with more space comes more walls!

I have a big wall in the stairwell that is dying for something interesting. And being a diagonally shaped wall, something like a big square mirror just won't do.

So help me out! I'm posting pictures below of the space, and below that will be a place for you to link up your best wall decorating ideas for me! You can also comment if you've got an idea that's not posted in a blog, or a URL to another site not your own. Basically, I'm looking for help, and I'll take it in any form I can get it!

Thanks everyone!






And for all your wonderful decorative crafty links!


  1. I can help with this one!

    This is one of the funnest (yes, that's a word) blogs I read and she was working on a gallery wall a while back. I love the idea! My husband and I are working on one too but since it's just me and him (no kids yet) a million photos of just the two of us seem a little creepy. So it's a work in progress :)

  2. I think it would be cool to do a photo wall or framed prints in an interesting layout. Here's a few I found:

    I'm pretty sure I have a bunch more bookmarked at home that I saved a few years ago if you want them...

  3. I think an eclectic mix of prints that fills the wall nicely would look beautiful, you would have a stairwell art gallery.

    But if you want something easier or temporary while you make up your mind on what to do with the space why not make a temporary design with chalk on the wall? That would be an easy way to emulate the lovely tree-tops design in the apartment therapy link above or any other graphic design like it that will fill the space nicely.

    Maybe write a law quote on the wall the reads as you go up, something that makes you think or inspires.

  4. You're right that you can't slap a big square mirror up there, buuut that got me thinking that you could do an arrangement of lots of smaller/medium sized round mirrors in a funky pattern so it looks like they're flowing up the stair case.

    Think an item like this:

    and this:

    (Both images of the Zoe Round Mirror 7-pc. Set
    $29.99 at

    but perhaps on a slightly larger scale or at least in addition to some larger ones as well (because those come in 9, 6 and 3 inch diameter mirrors),

    and in a shape more like this:

    or this:

    Lastly, reviews for those mirrors on Target's site say they can probably be found more cheaply online at discount sites or at hardware stores. They might have larger round mirrors at hardware stores too. But the commenters DID like that the Target mirrors have "sturdy plastic backs that have a hole already for hanging on the wall with included nails/screws," as opposed to the mirrors where you peel a sticky backing off (and then hope it doesn't fall off and clunk you on the head, I guess!?)

    Anyway, that's my vision. I hope to see it there next time I visit Chicago. ;)

  5. P.S. I wanted to use your linky gadget, but I obviously had more than one link and more than 40 characters to share, lol. :)

  6. Excuse me while I take over your comment section... *ahem* ...but I forgot to mention that you could also perhaps spray paint (or dare I suggest Mod Podge!?) a few of the mirrors to give the stairwell a pop of color. ;)

  7. I have some links here that might help you with your design dilemma. These are from a website called Apartment Therapy. Hope it will help!

    Or maybe you can some hand mirrors together on the wall if you have some collections or hang baskets as decoration just like this one;

    I hope these will help you! Good Luck!

  8. I love a wall of photos, or a tree mural, or cherry blossum murals, they look stunning!
    like this

  9. janell from Isabella & max rooms recently did a lovely modern stencil on a wall.. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing it with you?!

  10. I have the same problem, Katie! Our apartment has one huge long wall down one side, and I was a bit stumped. Here's what I found from my favorite home DIY blog, Young House Love:

    I love that it's asymmetrical, and I think it could work exceptionally well with a staircase. We're doing photos in ours, along with retro postcards of the places we've lived (like Leyla, we don't want just a huge wall of pics of only us!), a mirror, and a couple framed prints. Hopefully ours turns out well, too!

    Good luck!!