Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jewelry Organizer Tray, Take 2

Back in January, I showed a Jewelry Organizer Tray that I made with a cheap desk organizer, some paper, and some Mod Podge. Since the tray came as a set of two, I knew I needed to make another!

Jewelry Organizer Tray, Take 2

For the last tray I made, it was very simple. Since the white of the plastic went well with the brighter colors of the paper, I was fine leaving it exposed. This meant that the project was very simple; all I did was cut some squares for the bottom of the sections, and some strips for around the tray and lining the very top. Pretty easy.

This time, I knew I had some darker papers I wanted to use, and thus wanted to cover all the white. Since the walls of the compartments were interesting shapes, this was difficult. I had to start with little pieces, and lots of patience:

Jewelry organizer v2 (1)

Jewelry organizer v2 (2)

Jewelry organizer v2 (3)

Jewelry organizer v2 (4)

It was important to get all the sides/walls completely covered, including up around the top, before putting down any of the squares in the bottom or lining the outside.

Jewelry organizer v2 (5)

This whole thing took a very long time. Since I rarely have very long to sit down and craft, I did it in stages over a few days. The good thing about this type of project though is that you can come and go very easily.

Once that was all done, I took a pretty crinkled gold paper and wrapped the sides in it.

Jewelry organizer v2 (6)

Finally, the easiest part was cutting out the squares and Mod Podging them in. Then I let it dry, and was all done!

Jewelry organizer v2 (7)

I really have no idea what I'm going to do with another jewelry tray though... Maybe it will find another use, like to hold nails and screws? Who knows!


  1. Hey girl - this is so cute - I'm posting on Facebook!

  2. So cute! Way too cute for nails and screws!

  3. Super cute!!!!! Thanks so much for linking up and gettin' crafty on hump day :)

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