Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Favorite Things... Volume 2

I thought it was about time for another episode of My Favorite Things!

We start off today with a tradition my mom started when I was a wee little one: the tradition of the birthday donut. Every year on my birthday, my mom would wake up super early to go and get me donuts at Dunkin Donuts. But not just any donuts, strawberry frosted donuts. Why are those so amazing? Because they're pink, of course, and every little girl loves pink!

This tradition still goes on today, mostly because I have made it perfectly clear to my darling husband that every day on my birthday, he must get up well before the crack of dawn (and since I leave for work 2 hours before him, this really shows how much he loves me), and get me a donut.

Birthday donut (1)

Donut smile!

I love that this tradition is still living on :)

Favorite thing #2....

Chipotle Tabasco (2)

Chipotle Tabasco Sauce


I originally learned about this stuff in New Orleans, and ended up buying it in the airport Tabasco shop on the way home. It is SO good. It's spicy, but smoky, which is not something original Tabasco can say. I find excuses to use it in everything! In guacamole, in BBQ sauce (see my BBQ sauce recipe from the Brisket post), on tacos, in sloppy joes.... the possibilities are endless!


  1. Strawberry donut? You are making my mouth water!

  2. I miss your "donut smile"! What an adorable picture! I love that I helped create one of your "favorite things" but I'm even happier that Chris is carrying on this tradition! Love-a you!

  3. brandonschellhaseApril 21, 2010 at 9:53 PM

    One of my favorite things: hot sauce on strawberry donuts. mmmmmmm......