Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Drip Beef for Super Bowl

For this year's Super Bowl, Chris and I had a couple of friends over to watch, cheer, and of course, to eat. When deciding what to make for a mid-game meal, a couple of staples come to mind... pizza, wings, bbq pork, etc. Buuut then I was reading the A Pioneer Woman Cooks blog, and she had a recipe for drip beef that just looked divine. What I love about her blog is that she takes pictures of EVERYTHING she does, and the way she photographs everything just makes it look to-die-for delicious.

Therefore, since my camera makes things look like they taste like cardboard, I will direct you straight to her post on drip beef:

Drip Beef by Ree Drummond

Chris and I tackled the first preparation, with the peppers and the italian seasoning. Though we added some caramelized onions, like in the second recipe. We didn't have the fancy italian seasoning that she had, so we had to use her suggestion of the Good Seasons italian dressing dry packets, of which we used two for our 4 lb chuck roast. Also, we performed the cooking in the crock pot, for about 9 hours the day before the game. Then, as she suggested, we cooled overnight, skimmed the fat off the top, and reheated in the crock pot in time for the game! Then, in true Chicago style, we dipped the buns in the liquid before loading the meat on, instead of providing people with their own little au jus cup.


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