Friday, November 20, 2009

Fall Salad Plates

Chris and I are hosting our first Thanksgiving this year with Chris' parents, grandparents and sister. Since this is the first event we're hosting, I wanted to make it very festive so in the event the food doesn't turn out, at least everything will be pretty :)

We have fairly simple china (white plates with silver rim) and an antique white tablecloth and napkins that we received for our wedding that we will use for dinner. But, let's face it, that's a lot of white. So I decided to liven up the table a bit. Initially, my plan was to get some clear plates and spray paint the underside of them fall colors. Aaaand when I went to the craft store to get spray paint, I learned that spray paint is illegal to sell in Chicago, so there went that idea. So, standing in the craft store thinking, thinking, thinking...


Gold and copper leafed plates!

What you need:

Clear glass salad plates
Gold and copper leaf flecks (I can't find the product online, but it was Mona Lisa brand)
Mod Podge
Bowls to set the plate upside down on
Damp washcloth

That's it!

Start by brushing a light layer of Mod Podge in the center of the plate. It's best not to cover the whole plate because the Mod Podge will dry too quickly. With one hand (your non-painting hand), sprinkle flakes all over the Mod Podged area. Do not push them all the way down, as you will get Mod Podge all over your fingers, and the gold/copper will stick even worse than it already does. If you do start to get too sticky, that's what the damp washcloth is for.

Continue working your way around the plate...

Once you have all the gold/copper leaf applied to the plate, let the Mod Podge dry just a bit, and press the leaf down with with your fingers, brushing off any excess. Then, let it sit for another 30 min just to make sure it's dry, and paint another coat of Mod Podge on it. Cover again with two more coats, making sure to let it dry at least an hour between coats.

Finally, to make sure that the bottom isn't tacky, spray with 2 coats of clear acrylic finish.

Finished product!


  1. Um, those are absolutely delightful! I'm tweeting.

  2. Love them! It will make the tables look so pretty! :o)

  3. Absolutely beautiful. I love them and the process.Valerie Frescura