Sunday, November 15, 2009

An attitude adjustment

I came home tonight...a Sunday night after a very long week at work. I worked all week and then 7 hours yesterday and 7 hours today...I worked close to 70 hours for the week. Oh yes by the way this is Chris not Katie today. I grew up in a household that didn't center around wine but very much viewed wine as a way to enjoy life. Tonight I came home after a very long week with more work to do before heading into work in the morning. I needed an attitude adjustment tonight. Something to transform me from the office to being able to relax at home. Wine, I have found, is the perfect attitude adjuster. Tonight we enjoyed a Vision cono Sur Pinot Noir from Colchagua Valley in Chile. This Pinot was an easy drinking pinot and definitely my type of wine. I enjoy all types of wine but I need fruit. This is very new world in structure and had a very good amount of backbone with a slight amount of earthiness. By the way -- I am not a wine snob. I enjoy good wine but you will never hear some snotty claim of 10 different fruits. Wine to me has good fruit or it doesn't. A good backbone or not. Moral of the story, I would very highly recommend this wine for the $13 we paid for it at Binny's. Come to think of it, everything I've had from Chile has been a great value. If you haven't tried any wines from Chile I'd suggest a pinot noir if you really like fruit, or a Carmenere if you enjoy something closer to a fuller bodied red wine. I enjoy Chile because the wines have great fruit and there is nothing snotty about them...Chile is nowhere near having French or American or even Argentenian status yet. I find Chilean wines to be better than Malbec because they are more complex and a little less huge but with more fruit and structure.

Give Chilean wines a try!


  1. We have enjoyed some good Chilean wines lately too! We will give this one a try! :o)

  2. I drank Chilean wine with some friends on Saturday thanks to this post! Delish!